The highest quality EMF Protection and Clothing available. Independently Tested and Certified to international standards.

We sell only the best EMF Protection Products available in the world today. All our products have been tested in independent certified laboratories to Electromagnetic Testing Shielding Standards ASTM D-4935-10 and IEEE 99-2006. Our products are the most effective EMF blockers for both personal and home EMF protection.

When you buy from EMF Protection and Clothing you can be sure that our products have been tested to the highest INDEPENDENT International Standards for both EMF Protection and absence of chemical residue contamination.

Our products are free from toxic chemicals and carcinogens such as Mercury and Formaldehyde, and do not contain nano-silver. 

We want our customers to feel safe in the knowledge that the products they buy from us come with a guarantee of quality and safety.

Our products and processes are audited by our own ISO 9001 Lead Auditors and conform to International Quality Standards