Collection: Dirty Electricity Solutions

High voltage transients (known as Dirty Electricity) and the resulting bi-product (kHz frequencies) are an unwanted and hazardous contamination of our electricity supply. If you, or any of your neighbours have a  Smartmeter installed the chances are that your supply is contaminated with the aforementioned spikes and frequencies.  

The Sinetamer is a simple and effective way to solve the problem of Dirty Electricity problems. Contrary to popular belief DE filters do not eliminate Dirty Electricity, they merely shunt it from the live wire to the neutral wire. But the good news is that here you will find the world's most effective product for solving Dirty Electricity problems.

The Sine Tamer® high voltage suppression unit, reduces harmful high voltage transients in your house. No other devices/filters etc do this. The Sine Tamer® should be installed by an electrician. Though it is a straight-forward fast and easy procedure. We provide all the necessary information for your electrician.

The Sine Tamer® comes with 15 year warranty. More importantly if you decide to move house in the future you can take the Sine Tamer® with you. The Sine Tamer® provides protection for the entire house AND it ensures protection from lightning as well.

In these days of high electricity prices, the Sine Tamer® actually saves you money by compressing the wasted 'HVT' energy back into your supply.  Giving you substantial cost savings. Some clients have reported up to 33% energy savings

The Sine Tamer® safely absorbs the excess energy through its unique 'All Mode' Protection circuitry within the unit (L-L, L-N, L-G, N-G).

The Sine Tamer® high voltage suppressor is, indeed, the safest and most technologically advanced suppression unit in the world.