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Sine Tamer

Sine Tamer® - Dirty Electricity Remover

Sine Tamer® - Dirty Electricity Remover

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Eliminate the harmful effects of "dirty electricity" with Sine Tamer®.

Not to be confused with "dirty electricity filters" and other suppression products on the market today.

Note: To properly configure each order, specific technical information is necessary. Kindly get in touch with us before placing your order.

The Sine Tamer® suppression product, a global industry standard, effectively addresses the issues caused by "dirty electricity" prevalent in today's power supply. With over 30 years of experience and implementation in over 50 countries, it protects industrial and commercial buildings, process equipment, and delicate electronics from equipment breakdown and downtime.

Its special circuitry enables protection for every mode of power, including Line to Line, Line to Neutral, Line to Ground, and Neutral to Ground. The patented Frequency Attenuation Circuitry closely follows the sinewave form to quickly reduce excess energy, resulting in RF levels of approximately 1.25 volts RMS constant.

Sine Tamer® stands out as the safest, most effective, and lowest voltage-let-through suppression system on the market, offering a warranty of 15-25 years and proven results. Installation by a qualified electrician is simple and involves mounting the unit in line with the smart meter at the building entrance to protect against incoming dirty power and RF frequencies.

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