Collection: EMF Fabrics and Materials

We only offer shielding fabrics and materials of the highest quality that have been independently tested in approved laboratories. 

All of our EMF protective fabrics and materials have also been independently chemically tested to ensure our products contain no contamination. You can be sure that we only provide items that have been certified as contaminant-free with no nasty chemicals. Beware of cheaper imitations containing toxic chemicals. We stock only time-proven products from certified sources, established and reliable brands such as Leblok® and Swiss Shield.

On this page you can find fabrics providing EMF protection for windows, walls and also personal EMF protection. EMF shielding fabrics and materials for blocking mobile phone mast signals or powerful neighbourhood Wi-Fi radiation.

You will also find EMF shielding fabrics to make bed canopies or to hang along the walls to block EMF radiation from coming in your room (a popular method for those who plan to move and want to take the shielding fabric with them when they leave).

Buy with confidence knowing all our materials are tested and certified.