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EMF Shielding Wall Covering Leblok® LBK100

EMF Shielding Wall Covering Leblok® LBK100

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LBK100 wall covering provides extremely high shielding. This fabric is ideal for use when particularly strong radiation is encountered or when the source is particularly close.

For instance for the application of shielding Smartmeter installations or neighborhood Wi-Fi.

Also perfect for both RFID shielding and cyber-security applications, this product provides extremely high shielding levels against all types of EMF radiation. Leblok® S1 shielding technology effectively blocks 5G, 4G, 3G, GSM, Wi-Fi, RFID, Bluetooth, TETRA, DECT, and other microwave radiation.

Providing a EMF shielding level of 100 dB @ 1 GHz, you can be sure that LBK100  provides reliable protection.

Can be grounded using our Grounding Copper Tape or Grounding Plate Kit.


1 linear meter: 1 m x 1.08 m

Roll: 20 m x 1.08 m

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About Leblok® products

Leblok® utilises unique S1 shielding Technology™. All
Leblok® shielding materials have been tested and certified to Electromagnetic Testing Shielding Standards: ASTM D-4935-10,
MIL-STD 285, IEEE 299-1997 and IEEE 299-2006 standards, providing the safest
and highest EMF shielding levels available.

Leblok® products are also tested
and certified for chemical contamination
 to the following


ISO 17294-2: 2005



Leblok® products are manufactured to ISO 9001 Quality Standards.