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EMF protection

Grounding Copper Tape - Self Adhesive

Grounding Copper Tape - Self Adhesive

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This 3M Self Adhesive Copper Grounding Tape is used for grounding our shielding wallpaper and shielding paint, also facilitates elimination of electrical fields from shielded walls.

This conductive copper tape is heavy duty, Military specification and self-adhesive.,

The 3M copper tape comprises of 28 grams soft copper foil backing and a unique electrically-conductive pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. This tape is 0.10mm thick, 19mm wide and 16.5m long. The copper foil is solder compatible, and oxidation resistant and does not discolour.

The adhesive layer provides reliable metal-to-metal contact between the backing and the application substrate. As the copper is unplated, it is ideally suited to non-corrosive conditions.


  • • Adhesion strength: 3.8N/cm
  • • Breaking load is 44N/10mm
  • • Backing thickness is 0.04mm
  • • Conductive through the adhesive
  • • Operating temperature range: -40°C to 130°C


  • • Electromagnetic or radio-electrical shielding
  • • Suitable for soldering
  • • Grounding and EMI shielding of shielded surface or equipment
  • • Shielded rooms



Roll 16.5 m x 19 mm

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