Collection: EMF Sleep Solutions

Restful sleep is key to living a full and healthy life. Create an EMF-free sleeping environment by purchasing our specially designed EMF-free sleep products.

Ensuring that your body gains maximum rest from artificial EMF's, is crucial in today's radiation-filled world with so many wireless devices around us, nervous systems are over-stimulated 24 hours per day and as such barely every rest completely. REM sleep has become a thing of the past. But by using our optimised sleep solutions you can revert back to a stone-age sleeping environment where artificial non-ionising radiation never existed. In other words a natural environment.

Our EMF canopies are the ultimate sleep solution, and if you are looking to have a healthy EMF-free sleep, you can easily create a Faraday cage by using one of our EMF canopies together with a shielded floor mat underneath.

If you need temporary EMF protection while traveling or on vacation then our shielding sleeping bag or travel pod provide excellent and effective options.