Collection: EMF Detectors

EMF Meters and Analysers

Over many years in the EMF business we have tested many EMF meters and analysers, from budget models to professional RF measuring devices. The meters we now offer are the best EMF detectors and meters in the ratio of price and quality.

Finding the right EMF Meter

It is critical to ensure that you have the correct EMF meter that fits your purpose, for example if you're looking how to shield the electric fields emanating from your house wiring, you need a detector which can measure Low Frequency (LF) fields. Or if looking to block EMF radiation from a phone mast near by your house, you need an EMF detector what can measure High Frequency (HF) fields.

We know buying an EMF detector can be difficult, especially for those who come across this situation for the first time. We make it easy for everyone. Below you will see our best choice of EMF meters that provide solutions for the most common situations to help you figure out how to effectively shield your home from EMF and Electrical fields. Having a good meter is the key element in working out to shield your house in order to achieve a lower ambient level of EMF or in order to help find a safer place to move to.