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EMF protection

Personal Grounding Kit

Personal Grounding Kit

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Reduce your body's electrical charge with our Personal Grounding Kit. The ideal way to reduce impact from electrical fields while using a computer or simply use when you need to replenish your body after exposure to the numerous electrical devices in our environment today.

The compact and user-friendly Personal Grounding Kit includes a comfortable wrist strap and a 3 meter "snap on" earth lead connected to a protective earth plug. The earth plug is equipped with a 1 mega ohm resistor, ensuring no electrical feedback from the power source. The kit comes with clear instructions and is straightforward to use.

Safety Notice

For safety purposes, only connect your grounding equipment using the cord and plug provided. This cord has built-in safety protection. If you suspect your electrical system is faulty, consult an electrician before using the equipment. To prevent trip hazards, arrange the connecting cord in a secure and accessible location.

Be mindful that electromagnetic radiation in your surroundings may interfere with the grounding. If you have concerns about this, please reach out to us. This kit will not be eligible for returns if the earthing is impacted by environmental factors.

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Packages are generally dispatched within 2 working days after receipt of payment and are shipped via first-class post or DHL Express, depending on the selected method.

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