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EMF Shielding Paint - Indoor EMF-Turtal 3L Powder

EMF Shielding Paint - Indoor EMF-Turtal 3L Powder

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EMF-Turtal is an EMF shielding paint designed to protect you from high-frequency radiation exposure. With its superior shielding capabilities, it efficiently and reliably shields against 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, GSM, WLAN, DECT and all other RF.

EMF-Turtal also effectively grounds low-frequency alternating current in your home and provides almost complete shielding or discharge if grounded using our copper grounding tape or grounding plate kit.

Made with pure acrylate, graphite, and graphene technology (not to be confused with graphene oxide), this paint is available in powder form for long-term storage and easy application. Simply mix with water, apply, and dry for a high-yield, frost-resistant solution that can be painted over with commercial wall paint. Enjoy peace of mind with EMF-Turtal PLV's powerful protection.

This is a low-odor, low-emission and quick drying shielding paint that does not contain any chemical solvents.

The shielding effectiveness in a range 500 MHz to 40 GHz (1-layer, 2-layer) is tested and certified by an independent approved laboratory to international standards. This report can be found below in the Downloads section.

All shielding attenuation values apply to frequencies from 500 MHz to 40 GHz and were tested at the University of the Armed Forces, Munich, Germany.

We recommend (depending on the radiation exposure on-site) to always use at least two coats of paint.

Strong shielding performance at 5G

Thanks to many years of intensive research work and innovative product development, EMF-Turtal 5G shielding paint  has a shielding effectiveness in a very wide frequency range.

This shielding paint especially shields the very high frequencies. Since the product launch in 2019 this includes the two 5G frequencies spectra FR1 (600 MHz to 6 GHz) and FR2 (24GHz to 40 GHz).

Shielding testing to 40 GHz

We have independently prepared an external expert opinion from one of the world's leading experts in microwave technology (Prof. Pauli, former University of the German Federal Armed Forces). From this independent expert opinion, you can see the shielding values from 500 MHz up to 40 GHz.

Technical Data:

EMF-Turtal paint is flame-retardant product, specially designed for ceiling and interior wall applications. Each pack of PLV 3 powder, when mixed with 2 liters of water, creates 3 liters of shielding paint for easy application. The stand-up pouch packaging, measuring 34cm in height, 25cm in width and 10cm in thickness, contains 1.100g of product. All safety information can be found in the included data sheet.

Bonds to almost any surface with ease. Exceptional adhesion to old paint, plasterboard, wallpaper, plaster, concrete, polystyrene, and even unpainted wood. All processing information is detailed in the datasheet in Downloads section.

Designed to be painted over with dispersion paint for optimal interior use. Please note, wallpaper should not be applied directly on top of the paint as the adhesive could weaken its protective qualities. Also, clay-based paints are not suitable for use, while compatibility with natural or biological silicate emulsion paints, lime, and casein paints should be confirmed through testing before application. Pure mineral paints, such as clay or pure silicate, are not recommended. All necessary precautions are outlined in the processing information for your reference.

Grounding: Must be grounded! We recommend using our copper grounding tape or grounding plate kit which you can find here.

Important notes: For the electrical installation (fuse boxes) must consist of at least two earth fault safety switches (RCDs) (often generally 300 mA and one for the bathroom and 30 mA water rooms). In order to absorb extremely low-frequency electrical fields, the earth resistance should ideally be below 10 Ohms. Ask a qualified electrician for more information. Please note that the earth has no influence on the elimination of high frequencies, only on safety and low-frequency electrical fields.

Colour: Anthracite-black

Ingredients: pure acrylic binder, graphite, graphene

VOC content: 0.2 g/l (the EU limit value for category A/a has been 30 g/l since 2010)

Adhesive tensile strength: 2.2 N/mm² with the addition of 2 liters of water for PLV 3 (powder).

EMF-Turtal shielding paint powder has a shelf life of several years. After mixing the powder with water, it is best to apply the paint within 6 weeks for optimal results. The powder is also frost-resistant for safe transportation during winter. It is important to always mix a full bag of PLV 3 and to give the mixture a thorough stir before each use, including before applying the second layer. This is because the particles can settle in the bucket during the drying time of the first layer. For your safety, kindly review the enclosed safety and processing instructions before use (see in the Download section below).

Experience the best 5G protection with our highly efficient and reliable shielding solution. A key advantage of the EMF-Turtal paint is that it comes in powder form, making it easy to store without the concern of a limited shelf life. This also results in a marked reduction in shipping weight, offering you a cost-effective solution for safeguarding your home.



Download the Shielding Report

Download Safety Data Sheet & Processing Instructions

Download Material Safety Data Sheet


Powder for 3 liters of paint /

Test pack for 250 ml of paint

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